World Environment Day June 5

1. Reduction of shampoo sachets at Chitray car wash. Vice Chairman Darjeeling Municipality to officially launch it at 9:30 am at Chitray.  Each car uses at least one shampoo sachet when it gets washed and the sachets gets thrown into the jhora. An average of 100 sachets are thrown everyday. We hope to reduce it by enabling the car wash to use large bottles rather than sachets.

2. Club Side Taxis with a waste bag so that the passengers do not throw their waste randomly. Vice Chairman Darjeeling Municipality to officially launch it at 12 noon at Club Side.    

3. Discussion on our research ‘De-mystifying  “Chokho Pani” as the interface between Society, Religion and Environment in Darjeeling’ a study we undertook to explore issues of everyday religion and sustainable environments in the Himalaya. The study was part of the larger initiative under India China Institute, New York supported by Henry Luce Foundation and was undertaken in Nepal and China too. The Indian part of the study was headed by Dr. Mahendra P. Lama JNU. Discussion at Darjeeling Goodwill Centre at 3:30 pm.


About beautifuldarjeelinghills

a development worker journeying in the Beautiful Darjeeling Hills with special interest in environment and equity
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