A Tribute to the Graduation Films 2011

11 July 2011, Inox. Graduation films from the Mass Communication Department, St. Joseph’s College, North Point is a culmination of self expression of three years of studying the forms of mass communication and reflection by the students. It is the students final self expression before they leave college which introduces them to the world of opportunities in their respective career. The graduation films initiative is an innovation of the department which enables the students to work on their own projects, put their concepts and skills to practice and take a concrete piece of work to show to the world. This adds value to the marks that they obtain in their examinations.

2011 had 3 films Chasing a Ripple, Darjeeling Diaries http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IxajIpW3hsU and Quest. All the three films had expressions of personal self reflection as well as reflections of Darjeeling. The self reflections at times were dark but as a viewer could really identify with it. Darjeeling was presented indepth sometimes in a quirky manner, from a perspective of people who have lived here and observed it closely. This enables the viewer to get an insider current perspective Darjeeling deals with whether be it in the larger socio-ecological space or at a very personal level. Critical societal issues were dealt with, which does not find easy expression, such as trafficing, depression, sexual exploitation or opportunities. Personal journeys were integral to the script facilitating viewer identification with the character as well as self reflection.

This year the films were treated very well with shot selection, texture, editing, acting and original score. The films also had some good conceptual work in terms of discussing reality, personal journeys and allowing wide interpretation. Each film allows viewers to discuss and interpret taking the film beyond the experience of watching. There is always scope of improvement with spaces for tightening the script, editing, sound and camera works. But at the end of the day the overall experience is going for three good movies, enjoying every bit of it, talking about it and telling others to see it. And if this is a sign of things to come i cant wait to see what comes next.


About beautifuldarjeelinghills

a development worker journeying in the Beautiful Darjeeling Hills with special interest in environment and equity
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