International Plastic Bag Free Day 3 July

3 July International Plastic Bag Free Day

I remember in our early days, working on a article ‘Plastics a boon or a curse’. One thing i know today is that Plastic Bags are definitely a curse. We do not need it but use it constantly or more pertinent is that we abuse it. The fall outs are far reaching and all i can do is quote

“Contaminate your bed, and you will one night suffocate in your own waste.” Chief Seattle 1854 (i keep hearing that he did not say all this but for me the sentence makes perfect sense)

So that we do not suffocate in the plastic bags we abuse so much, 3rd July is International Plastic Bag Free Day. Let us join hands and see that Plastic Bags are eliminated from our lives and also offer this change to others. 

Attaching images which you can use as your desktop, profile to take the campaign forward. The internet is filled with the harmful effects of plastic bags and if possible try and see the documentary ‘The Story of Stuff’ which takes the analysis to a much deeper level of our existing development paradigm              

All it takes is for you to say NO and pass on the message




About beautifuldarjeelinghills

a development worker journeying in the Beautiful Darjeeling Hills with special interest in environment and equity
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